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La Sanghita Cafe Opens in Eastie With Vegetarian Lunches and More

The cafe's founding principles are "food is medicine," "empowerment through community," and "mindfulness education."

La Sanghita Cafe opened its doors in East Boston on Monday, focusing on a vegetarian breakfast and lunch menu that features "nutritionally rich dishes...made from local, organic ingredients." While the offerings will be changing frequently, some of the debut options are pear-coconut-ginger fritters, a veggie burger, tostones, miso soup, and smoothies.

For now, the restaurant is open 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily, although a note on Facebook indicates that they'll soon add one dinner a week and possibly eventually increase the dinner schedule. Also planned: "bilingual community events such as health nights, book clubs, networking events, and cooking classes."

La Sanghita Cafe

389 Maverick Street, Boston, Ma 02128 (857) 600-2162 Visit Website