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This Is What It Looks Like to Stick Food Trucks Inside a Restaurant

Coppersmith 1894 is in the works in South Boston, bringing food trucks in out of the cold.

Coppersmith 1894 rendering
Coppersmith 1894 rendering

The Coppersmith 1894 build-out is beginning to pick up steam, as reported earlier this month. The restaurant/bar/cafe/educational space/demo space/etc. is slated to open in a former copper manufacturing space in South Boston in spring 2015, and one of the most interesting features is the fact that there will be two food trucks inside. Two of them.

"Each evening, the food trucks will be featuring different street fare from all over the globe," writes "Tbone" Talbot, a restaurant developer involved with the project, on Facebook. "In addition, they will also be used for culinary competitions, pop up nights, classes/training and educational purposes." He also shares the above rendering of the space, showing how the food trucks will fit in.