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Top Chef's Stacy Cogswell IN at Liquid Art House

Cogswell will begin in mid-January (and make a New Year's Eve appearance as well).

Stacy Cogswell
Stacy Cogswell

The Regal Beagle's Stacy Cogswell, who recently wrapped up her foray into the world of Top Chef, is heading into the kitchen at Liquid Art House under executive chef Rachel Klein, according to the Herald. She'll be on hand on New Year's Eve before starting in full-time on January 13.

Speaking to the Herald, Klein praised Cogswell's "solid" work ethic and "really good palate," adding that she's looking forward to tapping into Cogswell's "approachable" Beagle-style talents. "I want [Liquid Art House] to be the kind of place where people can come and spend thousands on a dinner, or they can come if they just want a really good burger."

The restaurant-meets-art-gallery opened this past May, featuring rotating art exhibits, luxurious large-format rotisserie feasts, a swanky bar, and some really fancy dumplings.

Liquid Art House

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The Regal Beagle

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