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Get Your Fill of Graffiti, Adult Slushies, and Asian Street Food at Night Market

Here's a look inside the newest addition to Cambridge's Harvard Square.

Night Market, which opened in Harvard Square last week, occupies the lower level where previous tenant Tamarind Bay used to be. Walking down the steps to the basement level and into the space almost feels like a secret, like it's the type of place that requires a password to enter. To enter, you'll walk down the first stairs, towards more stairs, lined with plants and seemingly leading to nowhere. To the left, there's the dining room.

The room itself isn't large, but it's full of character. The geometrically-patterned chairs are made of a brightly color-coated metal (in primary colors), and they surround dark wooden tables that bear a pattern on the top. Plates, chopsticks, and water glasses are ready for guests and sit on top of the tables. The walls are the main eye-catcher, with bright hues of graffiti and street art making it look like a hip, abandoned space.

To the back, a small private room is etched out of the wall in brick, providing the perfect spot to get away but still be able to view all the action. Plants give the space life, and a bar lines the back wall. Behind the bar is not only the kitchen but a slushy maker that will churn out adult slushies. A little light streams in from the pair of small windows that sit to one side of the wall, and modern lights glow subtly. In the center of the room, graffitied poles stretch from floor to ceiling, further adding to the charm and character of this new addition to Harvard Square.

Night Market

75 Winthrop St., Cambridge, MA 02138