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Enjoy the Delightfully Old-Fashioned Grunge of Quincy Market Before It Gets Weirdly Glitzy

The Faneuil Hall Marketplace is getting fancy, probably at the expense of some longtime local vendors.

Quincy Market
Quincy Market
Rachel Leah Blumenthal

While many locals tend to avoid the tourist-filled Quincy Market and the rest of the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, there's something to be said for the historical charm of the space, and there's nothing quite like throwing some elbows while you charge through the crowds to snag a seat, or at least standing room, to eat food culled from multiple stalls up and down the market. But change is inevitable, and it's looking weirdly upscale. shares a rendering of what appears to be a swanky wine bar right in that classic Quincy Market seating area, and the website also shares a video from a recent North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council meeting, where a longtime pushcart owner who said she represented around 40 marketplace vendors expressed concern that they would be pushed out "in favor of more international chains." The website also hears that The Salty Dog is already being evicted. The seafood restaurant opened in the mid-1970s.

Earlier this year, the Globe took a look at the proposed changes. Barry Lustig, a vice president at property owner Ashkenazy, told the Globe that "the pushcarts and the food vendors that are truly unique to Boston are going to absolutely be part of the future evolution of this property," but he warned that others "who are selling goods that are not really Boston...that's a little different."