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Boston Harbor Distillery Will Bring Whiskey and More to Boston Harbor

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Prepare for hyper-local custom spirits.

This will one day be Boston Harbor Distillery.
This will one day be Boston Harbor Distillery.

Boston Harbor Distillery, made up of "purveyors of fine liquor & good times; lovers of old vinyl and raw denim," is coming "soon" to The Port on Boston Harbor in Dorchester, according to the Twitter account of the in-progress distillery.

Behind it: founder and CEO Rhonda Kallman, who co-founded The Boston Beer Company with Jim Koch, and co-founder and proprietor Corey Bunnewith, who has worked in all manners of beverage positions around town, bartending at Drink, managing the bar at Coppa, and lots more.

According to Bunnewith's LinkedIn profile, the distillery, located in the former S.S. Putnam Nail Factory/Lawley Shipyard, will create custom spirits with a "grain to glass" hyperlocal philosophy. A bio of Kallman notes that the focus will be on whiskey. It looks like there will also be a white rum.

Follow along on Instagram for construction updates.

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