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Former Hamersley's Space Will Be Awash With Asian and Mediterranean Small Plates

A job posting reveals a little bit about the new concept from The Gallows team.

Hamersley's Bistro
Hamersley's Bistro
Cal Bingham for Eater

The team behind The Gallows is building a bit of an empire in the South End with two projects currently in the works: Blackbird Doughnuts, a doughnut shop that is expected to open early next year, and a new restaurant in the Hamersley's Bistro space (the name hasn't yet been announced.) Unless there's a mysterious third project also in progress, a new job posting on Culintro sheds some light on the Hamersley's replacement.

The posting, which doesn't name the restaurant but includes The Gallows' general manager Seth Yaffe's contact information, is for an executive chef for "an exciting new concept" that features "international flavors in the form of small plates and easily shared dishes" (which matches up with what Universal Hub found out at a licensing board hearing). The team is looking for someone who is "comfortable" with "Asian and Mediterranean flavors." No word yet on an opening timeline.

In the meantime, keep an eye on the Instagram feed of its upcoming sibling, Blackbird Doughnuts, for doughnut and construction photos.

The Gallows

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Hamersley's Bistro

553 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02116 617 423 2700 Visit Website

Blackbird Doughnuts

175 Cambridge Street, , MA 02114 Visit Website