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No, Trillium Brewing Company Is Not Permanently Closed

A licensing snag shuttered the Fort Point brewery before Thanksgiving, but they're working to reopen as soon as possible.

Trillium Brewing Company mysteriously closed before Thanksgiving, and rumors have been swirling about whether the closure might be permanent and what caused it. But the closure is not meant to be permanent by any means. The popular Fort Point "farmhouse-style brewery" is aiming to reopen as soon as possible.

Late last night, owners JC and Esther Tetreault broke their silence and issued a statement via the popular Beer Advocate forum to clarify the situation, reading in part:

We’d hoped to have resolution before making a statement, but feel like we need to shed some light. Our 2014 license renewal application was never processed. Nobody was aware of this fact until recently, the timing of which was unfortunate given the holiday. We’ve provided all documentation and complied with every request. We had a hearing today to approve or disapprove our 2014 license. We haven’t received a decision yet. The reason we haven’t responded to rumors until now is because we honestly didn’t have all the information up front, and didn’t want to fuel any fires. While the issue is pretty simple, it’s also quite serious. Everything is when dealing with the government. We didn’t feel that the situation could benefit from social media and, to be honest, it’s painful enough to live through not to mention continue talking about it every day we’re closed...We are hopeful and confident that the ABCC will respond fairly and we’ll have a positive outcome as soon as possible.

Trillium Brewing Company

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