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Food Truck, Meet Coffee Bike

Team of Swedish designers and baristas is looking to take the cafe mobile in Boston.

Official Site

Wheely’s Café, a startup based around the idea of, well yes, cafes on wheels, is now looking to bring its bike-driven baristas to Boston, posting an ad on Craigslist for “Baristas but also a special person to manage the business. (Managing such a business consists of Staff development, inventory checks/orders, location reviews and managing multiple locations. As the weather gets colder looking to set up indoor events.”

Founded in Sweden, Wheely’s has bikes in eight countries and has its first US presence in New York and Texas.

According to its website, “Wheely’s works closely with NSID and the bike has been developed together with them. It is 100% ECO-friendly, but it is also a well tested, super functional micro café. The Wheely’s bike is powered only by the sun and your own body only, making it not only CO2 neutral, but carbon footprint negative, making the world greener with every cup of coffee.”

Already on the streets of Boston: The Coffee Trike.

Coffee Trike

460 Harrison Ave, Boston, MA 02118 Visit Website