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Rami's Food Truck Is Rebuilding After a Fire

It was only the second day on the road when Rami's got shut down by a fire. Here's a statement from the owners.

Rami's Food Truck
Rami's Food Truck

The Rami's Food Truck launched last week and then quickly came back off the road, as previously reported. Owners Ari Kendall and Matthew Pultman have released a statement about the sudden closure, which was caused by a fire:

"After only one night on the street, Tuesday, October 28th, and a brief lunch appearance on Wednesday, October 29th in the Back Bay, the Rami's Food Truck had an unfortunate fire. Cause of fire TBD. We are thankful to the Boston Fire Department for their rapid response and we are most thankful that no one was hurt. We are in the beginning process of rebuilding the food truck and hope to be open within the year. We want to thank everyone for their outpouring support and kind words and gestures. Please continue to follow us on social media for updates, etc. Thank you."