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Committee Will Open at Fan Pier This Winter

The owner of Cafeteria in Back Bay is behind the upcoming Mediterranean restaurant.

Committee logo
Committee logo
Official Site

Apparently George Aboujaoude is a man who likes opening restaurants that consist of a single word beginning with "C." The Cafeteria owner is opening Committee at Fan Pier (50 Northern Avenue), as previously reported, and the upcoming restaurant has just launched its social media channels, revealing a few more details.

First of all, it's set to open this winter, a slight departure from the previous target of fall. And then there's this description, courtesy of Facebook:

Draw a dynamic gathering of city dwellers, suburbanites, tourists and professionals. Unite them in an intimate yet high-energy restaurant by Boston’s waterfront. Add hand-crafted cocktails and imaginative Mediterranean fare into the mix. And you’ve got Committee—a dining spot that adds a fresh culinary spark to the Fan Pier area. Committee draws its namesake from the Prohibition Era—a wild ride of bootlegging and hotsy totsy; fakeloo’s and fuzz; gladrags and grifters. But instead of fast and loose, Committee is a laid-back, convivial speak-easy that feels like one great big cocktail party, with people coming together over sharable plates. The space features modern industrial design, a gleaming bar in the center, and a hip scene where people flow in and out, gathering at tables and chilling around the bar. Committee veers from the expected by designing its menu around "Meze"—a dining concept that encourages people to sample, share, converse, and delight. Our creative chefs prepare small sharable plates that are brought to the table throughout the meal and allow diners to experience a wide range of dishes featuring only the freshest local ingredients. As food is served and savored, eyes are drawn to the bartenders who turn cocktail-making into performance art. They buzz about their spacious domain, crafting colorful libations that blend fresh, contemporary ingredients with a splash of Boston nostalgia. The people, the fare, the location, the scene—it all combines to make Committee a meeting of gregarious minds.

So, in summary: Mediterranean food meant to be shared, cocktails ("one great big cocktail party," in fact), loud. And "predictable is prohibited," promises the tagline.