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La Victoria Taqueria Opens in Arlington

The popular Mexican restaurant from Beverly has opened a new location in Arlington Center.

La Victoria Taqueria, Beverly
La Victoria Taqueria, Beverly

The new Arlington location of La Victoria Taqueria opened for dinner last night and will begin serving lunch today, according to a poster on Chowhound. The restaurant, which is based in Beverly, is meant to be a "celebration of Mexican street food."

Another Chowhound user describes the place as "small" and with a "menu heavy on tortas," along with tacos and quesadillas. It was already doing "a brisk business" last night. A third user tried the torta milanesa last night and describes it as "delicious and a good deal at $6.50," also praising the chips, guacamole, and good selection of Mexican sodas and horchata.

La Victoria Taqueria's older sibling in Beverly was the subject of a Globe "Cheap Eats" review earlier this year; Ellen Bhang enjoys the "bright, fresh flavors" and recommends the torta al pastor, laco lengua, burrito surtido, and plato Mexicano with chicken.

La Victoria Taqueria
12 Medford Street, Arlington, MA

La Victoria Taqueria

12 Medford Street, , MA 02474 (781) 859-5503 Visit Website