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At Koy, Dumplings Meet Carnitas and Merguez Meets Kimchi

Chef Sebastian Martinez (also at Volle Nolle) has been sharing some eye-catching photos of potential Koy dishes on Instagram.

Koy logo
Koy logo

If you've visited Volle Nolle at any point since April, you've encountered chef Sebastian Martinez' playful, ever-changing small plates at a restaurant that once focused on sandwiches, then closed to make way for the long-term Whisk pop-up before reopening in its present form. Soon, Martinez will also be lending his talents to Koy, a Korean fusion restaurant opening later this month in the former UBurger space near Faneuil Hall (16 North Street).

Not much information has leaked out about Koy yet, but it looks like it's not going to be a standard bulgogi-and-bibimbap type of place. The chef has been sharing some attractive dishes on his Instagram account (which is a must-follow, by the way). A few examples of what you might expect from the Koy menu, based on Martinez' photos:

Also, "breakfast short ribs":