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Corby Kummer Looks Back on Tom Menino's Food Initiatives

Tom Menino, "the mayor of food."

Thomas Menino
Thomas Menino
Mario Tama

For The Atlantic, Corby Kummer eulogizes former Boston mayor Tom Menino through the lens of food. "Mayor Thomas Menino loved food almost as much as he loved Bostonians," Kummer begins. "He loved eating it, talking about it, and arguing about it." (Menino fell on the Modern Pastry side of the Great Bostonian Cannoli Debate.) While he was certainly well-known throughout the restaurant industry (just take a look at the social media channels of almost any Boston chef over the past few days, and you're sure to see a photo or a remembrance), he cared about food in other ways, too, like working towards greater accessibility to fresh produce for people of all incomes.

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