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The Revamped Bukowski Tavern Reopens Next Month

The Cambridge restaurant and bar has been closed for a full renovation since July.

Bukowksi Tavern, under construction in mid-September.
Bukowksi Tavern, under construction in mid-September.

The Inman Square location of Bukowski Tavern closed over the summer for a major renovation, and now it appears to be headed for a December reopening, according to the Globe.

As previously reported, Brian Poe, chef/owner of several other venues in the same restaurant group, is buying into Bukowski (both this and the Back Bay location) and changing up the menu to be "more upscale," with a focus on burgers ("but with some exotic meats thrown into the mix.") The Globe mentions a trio of mini hot dogs: alligator sausage, venison, and bison. Despite the upcoming changes, one signature Bukowski feature, the "mug club," will remain.

According to Bukowski Tavern's Facebook page, it looks like Somerville-based Aeronaut Brewing Company beers might make an appearance at the restaurant once it reopens. But there's another local brew, Pretty Things, that will decidedly not be found at this or any other Wilcox Hospitality Group establishment.

Bukowski Tavern (Inman Square)

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