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Vegan Mashed Potato and Gravy Donuts Existed This Morning, and You Missed Them

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...unless you were at Boston Common Coffee Co. for Donut Thursday.

Boston Common Coffee Co. (Canal Street location)
Boston Common Coffee Co. (Canal Street location)
Katie Chudy for Eater

Every Thursday, Boston Common Coffee Co. rolls out a new batch of custom donuts, often in somewhat crazy flavors. In the past, there have been forays into the worlds of Nutella bacon, peach melba, honey butter and cornbread, and lemonade (vegan).

Thanksgiving came early today with some completely over-the-top varieties, including vegan mashed potato and gravy and honey-glazed ham. Cranberry blueberry crisp and sweet potato cake also made appearances.

The growing coffee chain posts a preview of each Thursday's donuts on its Facebook page, so stay tuned to that page for future creations. The shop currently has four locations in Downtown Crossing, the Financial District, the North End, and the West End, plus a roasting facility out in Hopedale.