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Veggie Planet Fans Unsurprisingly Vote for Harvard Square for New Location

1300 fans of the shuttered vegetarian spot have spoken, and they want Veggie Planet to reopen right in its old neighborhood.

Veggie Planet
Veggie Planet

After 13 years, Veggie Planet closed this past August, unable to sustain itself any longer inside Club Passim due to a recently reduced seating capacity and the fact that there's no table turnover in the concert room. (The same owners also operate Veggie Galaxy in Central Square, which remains open.)

Good news came about last month when Veggie Planet announced that a former customer was "very serious" about reopening the restaurant in a new location. The restaurant conducted a survey to find out where people would most like to see a new Veggie Planet, and today they've released the results.

Nearly 1300 people responded, and unsurprisingly Harvard Square, home of the original location, came out on top, followed by Davis Square and then Porter Square. "While we'd love to end up in one of those spots," the restaurant writes on Facebook, "finding the right location involves many factors, not all of which are under our control. So, long story short, all options are still on the table. We've begun reaching out to potential landlords, and are hopeful that the right location will turn up soon."

Veggie Galaxy

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Veggie Planet

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