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Franklin Restaurant Group Loses One But Plans to Gain a Few

The rumored Franklin Southie closure is happening, but new restaurants are on the way.

Tasty Burger Fenway
Tasty Burger Fenway
Cal Bingham for Eater

Franklin Southie will close at the end of the year, as previously reported; Asia Mei, an alum of the restaurant (as well as Sam's at Louis and Hamersley's Bistro) is buying it and turning it into Moonshine 152. But despite this shrinkage of the Franklin Restaurant Group, growth is on the horizon. The Globe mentions an upcoming Back Bay location of Tasty Burger, which probably refers to the previously reported Back Bay Station location that was in the works as of this spring. "We also have a couple of concepts in the works for more Franklin Cafe-style restaurants in Boston," the restaurant's group co-owner David Dubois told the Globe. And Boston Magazine similarly reports that there will be "multiple new locations" of Tasty Burger in the early part of 2015, plus a "Franklin-esque concept" somewhere in Boston.

The Franklin Restaurant Group currently owns Tasty Burger (Fenway, South Boston, and Harvard Square), Citizen Public House (Fenway), and the Franklin restaurants (Franklin Cafe in the South End, the soon-to-shutter Franklin Southie, and Franklin Cape Ann in Gloucester).

Franklin Southie

152 Dorchester Ave, Boston, MA 02127 617-269-1003 Visit Website

Tasty Burger (Harvard Square)

40 JFK St, Cambridge, MA 02138 617 425 4444