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When Pizza's on a Bagel...

Bagelsaurus has introduced pizza bagels to its line-up.

Bagelsaurus bagels, which are both Eater reader-approved and Alton Brown-approved, now come in an essential new form, the holy mash-up of two of the greatest carb-filled creations known to man: pizza bagels.

The pizza bagel is a time-honored tradition, be it messily made from scratch in an illegal dorm room toaster oven or mass-marketed, frozen, with a catchy theme song. Bagelsaurus' take on it is available at 11 a.m., beginning today, in plain and pepperoni. Keep an eye on the little shop's Twitter account for future availability, because it looks like this will be a regular thing, and who knows what toppings will appear next?

Bagelsaurus Pizza Bagel

Photo: @Bagelsaurus13/Twitter


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