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This Is Where You'll Be Eating Carnitas Dumplings

Koy appears to be on track for a December 1 opening near Faneuil Hall.

Koy, under construction
Koy, under construction

Koy, a non-traditional Korean restaurant coming to the former UBurger space near Faneuil Hall, has some snazzy light fixtures in place, and it looks like everything else is coming along quickly as well. As previously reported, Volle Nolle's Sebastian Martinez is chef for the project, and he has been posting a lot of test dishes on Instagram, from carnitas dumplings (with queso fresco, ripped cilantro, honey, olive oil, and black vinegar) to kimchi fried rice (with grilled merguez and sweet soy). Martinez' departure from Volle Nolle also reportedly means the closure of the North End restaurant.

Koy is set to open on December 1, according to a comment on Facebook