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Meatball Sliders and More on Merrill & Co.'s New Bar Menu

There's a table of contents, so settle in.

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Merrill & Co.
Merrill & Co.
Katie Chudy for Eater

Merrill & Co. has just launched a new bar menu ("Edition 1.0"), and the serious undertaking has a table of contents and 13 pages spanning from their philosophy to spirits and beyond. Skip to page eight if you're just curious about the "bar bites," available 5 p.m. to 12:30 a.m. Two words: meatball sliders. Ok, two more: pork rinds.

Back to the philosophy:

"Although we have carefully selected and cultivated the program before you, it is meant to be a guideline. It is not the end-all be-all. We vow to do our best to get a cocktail in your hands you enjoy. If you have a question please ask."

In addition to house cocktails and classic cocktails, draft beers and bottles and cans, there's a whole page on sherry, described as "one of the world's greatest wines." Have a look.

Merrill & Co. Bar Menu

Merrill & Co.

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