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Salad Stand Wants to Put Mason Jar Salads in Vending Machines

Look for them soon at a gym or office near you.

Vegetables in mason jars.
Vegetables in mason jars.
Shutterstock/Zigzag Mountain Art

Salad Stand, a local start-up that is "coming soon to Boston and other Northeast cities," wants to provide "conveniently healthy food" that is "easily accessible and full of love," according to the company's Twitter account.

In a follow-up message via Twitter, the company tells Eater that this food will take the form of mason jar salads, priced from $3 to $9, sold in a "cool-looking machine." These vending machines will pop up in places like gyms, food courts, and office, "anywhere with high traffic that would draw a health-conscious crowd." There will be a smaller version in gyms and small offices, with a larger version in the big locations.

"We have a few locations already in the works," the company says, "waiting on some approvals from the city." The machines are already in production.

Salad Stand has been sharing previews of some of its salads on Twitter, like The Italian and The Southwest Salad. Stay tuned for launch.

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