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Vote for Boston's Chef of the Year [POLL CLOSED]

Polls are now open for the Eater Awards 2014.

Next Monday, Eater will present the 2014 Eater Awards, our fifth annual celebration of the restaurants and people who have made the past year so exciting in the food world, both on a local level and on a national level.

Winners will be selected in five major categories, and readers will have the chance to vote on one category per day every day this week. Up today: Chef of the Year.

Here's how it works: Eater editors have chosen five nominees in each category. Readers will have 24 hours to vote on each category. The three top vote-getters per category will then be considered by the editorial team, who will pick the final winner for each. Those will be announced on Monday, November 17.

This year's Chef of the Year category encompasses a group that touches on a wide variety of cuisines at very different restaurants: there's the chef/owner of a beloved French bistro that just closed after almost three decades; there's the brand new cookbook author who is also at the helm of a respected Brookline standby as well as a year-old ultra-hot restaurant in Fort Point; there's the deli master who is creating amazing charcuterie out in the suburbs that Boston chefs are clamoring to get their hands on; there's the chef/owner of Harvard Square's biggest opening of the year (who will be adding a taqueria to his roster in 2015); and there's the chef who is making Boston proud as she continues on her path to Top Chef domination, all the while changing things up back at the restaurant in Brookline.

Vote wisely and vote right now to determine the three finalists for Boston's Chef of the Year. The poll is open until 1 p.m. tomorrow (Wednesday, November 12).