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Volle Nolle to Close Ahead of Koy Opening

Chef Sebastian Martinez will bring a new take on Korean to Faneuil Hall area.

As reported last week, chef Sebastian Martinez will be lending his talents to a new Korean fusion restaurant named Koy, opening soon near Faneuil Hall. At that point, it wasn't clear whether he'd also still be working at Volle Nolle. Now it appears that the move will be at the expense of the latter, with Boston Magazine reporting that Volle Nolle will be closing around the same time Koy opens.

As for what to expect at Koy, Martinez told Boston Magazine, "I'm hesitant to call the food ‘fusion' because that word has such negative connotations at this point. But that's what it really is. It's not traditional Korean dishes. That's not what I was going for at all. I wanted to take Korean ingredients like bulgogi and gochujang and use them in other ways."

Volle Nolle

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