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Bissonnette on BuzzFeed Breakfast; FWx on Texas Rachel in a Skirt; More

Some recommended reading from around the food web.

Rosebud American Kitchen & Bar
Rosebud American Kitchen & Bar
Katie Chudy for Eater

BUZZFEED — Jamie Bissonnette (Coppa, Toro) shows BuzzFeed how to make a proper breakfast, christening their new "BuzzFeed Breakfast" series. "Watching Bissonnette go into ninja mode to cook breakfast was fascinating because he worked so cleanly. His ninja tool is a dough scraper, which he uses instead of the back of his knife to transfer food to the pan and to transfer trash to the trash." Hint: Sprinkling salt from high up doesn't just look cool; it helps make sure you distribute the salt evenly.

FWX — Food & Wine's FWx website ogles the "Texas Rachel in a Skirt" sandwich at Rosebud American Kitchen + Bar. "The cheese melts and bubbles down over the edges, crisping up where it hits the griddle and forming a distinct, crunchy 'skirt.' It’s like what you’d find on the edges of your grilled cheese, only better."

EAST BOSTON TIMES-FREE PRESS The Eastie publication recounts some of the late Mayor Tom Menino's favorite places to eat around East Boston, from Meridian Market to Santarpio's.