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Forbes Publishes Epic List of Creative Jeans-Appropriate Restaurants in Boston

A top 10 in two parts.

You can eat well and wear jeans here
You can eat well and wear jeans here
Eastern Standard

Restaurants that serve good food and do not regard denim with contempt are a rare commodity in Boston, apparently. This seems to be the thrust of a Forbes article published today.

In "10 Most Creative Jeans-Appropriate Restaurants in Boston (Part I)", contributor Hunter Atkins hunts down ten Boston-area restaurants that "are not slinging bowls of 'chowdah,' but are relying on local purveyors to drum up devout followers for global cuisine, elevated comfort food and sumptuous cocktails that rival the fare served in any other American city."

And, most importantly, where you can "throw on a pair of jeans, grab a friend and get ready to pig out."

So where in Boston can you dine like royalty and dress like a member of Duck Dynasty? Atkins offers the likes of The Breakfast Club in Allston for pumpkin-spice-like milkshakes and pancakes, Anna’s Taqueria in Brookline, Eastern Standard ("a comfortable brasserie-inspired hang out"), Belly Wine Bar in Cambridge, and Tavern Road, where the meatballs are definitely jeans-appropriate.

Stay tuned for part two.

Anna's Taqueria (Beacon Hill/MGH)

242 Cambridge Street, Boston, MA 02134 617 227 8822

Eastern Standard

528 Commonwealth Avenue, , MA 02215 (617) 532-9100 Visit Website

Tavern Road

343 Congress St, Boston, MA 02210 617 790 0808