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Ex-Dishwasher, Brazilian Soccer Player Opens Top Choice Bar and Grill in Malden

The new Brazilian restaurant replaces Bossa Nova Steak House.

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Adeus Bossa Nova
Adeus Bossa Nova
Bossa Nova Steak House

After five successive knee procedures, Frederic Sheyvston Carvalho turned his back on a pro soccer career and left his hometown in Minas Gerais, Brazil at the age of 25 for Boston. Seven years on, after stints as a construction worker and dishwasher, the young entrepreneur has himself a restaurant.

Top Choice Bar and Grill opened last Friday in what was Bossa Nova Steak House at 290 Main Street in Malden. Call it a Brazilian buffet swap, of sorts.

How will Bossa Nova customers greet the newcomer? The old restaurant's last two Yelp reviews offer divergent opinions.

"I love Bossa Nova!! The place is clean, the food is excellent and Erika the server at the counter served us very well. All the staff were very helpful. No a matter of fact they were all over us to serve impressive. The lemonade is incredible and the meat is so good. Guys...I eat out a crew knows this...I am not kidding...the Rice was exceptional!" - John W.

"two boys kept coming to our table, shaking the table and pretending to be a auto man. Posing like a sword in the hands and killing us. They belonged to the owner??? If the waitress, the owner must not in the restaurant. This is the first time I've ever been annoyed with noise, and disturbing surroundings ever. At least 5 times back for the two boys and no one stopped them until I told the waitress who is 2 feet away. My friends have to stop from time to time to wait until the boys were running away." - Kevin S.