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Amid Major Expansion Plans, Tia’s Long Wharf Responds to Criticism

The restaurant and bar will more than double capacity.

Tia’s Long Wharf will soon accommodate 550 customers
Tia’s Long Wharf will soon accommodate 550 customers
Tia’s Long Wharf

In "Tia’s Long Wharf Turns Its Back on North End / Waterfront Neighborhood, Council Says", parses a session between the Atlantic Avenue restaurant and neighborhood group.

The new owners of Tia’s Long Wharf received a chilly reception this week from the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) for circumventing the neighborhood group regarding their major expansion plans. Tia’s proposal calls for a two floor restaurant, bar and entertainment complex with roof deck at 200 Atlantic Avenue. Proponents are associated with the Cronin Group (Jerry Remy’s Fenway and Seaport) and have already received approval from the Boston Zoning Board. This week’s council visit was set up by City Hall as post-approval as a courtesy to inform North End residents of the project.

When asked about the meeting with the NEWNC, a representative for Tia’s Long Wharf said this morning:

"We have approval from the Zoning Board. We presented the plan at the North End / Waterfront Neighborhood Council meeting as a courtesy. It's not something we had to do. There may be some tweaks to the expansion as we move further along in the process but we expect it to go through. We're submitting plans to the building inspector as we speak."

The spokesperson went on to add: "It's funny because when we presented in front of the Zoning Board nobody from the North End showed up. There was maybe one guy but he didn't say a word."