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West Medford is Lucky to Have Bistro 5 in This Week in Reviews

A neighborhood standby delivers.

Bistro 5
Bistro 5
Bistro 5

Fresh off a considerable makeover a year ago, Bistro 5 is still a charmer. This, the takeaway from a two and a half star review from Devra First in the Globe.

The West Medford restaurant even elicits a wave of quixotic rumination from the critic, who compares the vibe at Bistro 5 to that feeling you get "revisiting your old college town after a decade or your elementary school as an adult — this is cozy, and familiar, and a little wistful, because this is who you once were."

On the food front, First likes chef-owner Vittorio Ettore's golden and purple beets with honey and goat cheese ("a lovely combination"), duck prosciutto atop arugula ("perfectly dressed") and "a creative take" on a traditional Caprese salad. And while Ettore's handmade pastas do not always get the accompaniments they deserve, other dishes, like quail with sweet-and-sour carrots, seared scallops and veal Milanese, score.

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