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Dot 2 Dot Cafe Applies for Liquor License

Popular Dorchester cafe will go before the License Commission next week.

Dot 2 Dot Cafe
Dot 2 Dot Cafe
Official Site

Dot 2 Dot Café in Dorchester announced on Facebook that they will be going before the License Commission next week for liquor license approval. The hearing will take place at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, October 15, at City Hall. Supporters of the cafe are welcome to stop by and sign its petition any time over the coming days.

The locally owned cafe, which opened in 2008, is run by chef Karen Henry-Garrett and was named the "best cafe in Dorchester" this year by Boston Magazine. Henry-Garrett serves hot breakfasts and light lunches (mostly sandwiches and flatbreads), and she regularly hosts evening events involving dinner, live music, movies, and more.