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Veggie Planet Could Rise Again at a New Location

A former customer is "very serious" about resurrecting Veggie Planet somewhere else, and the restaurant is surveying customers about potential locations.

Veggie Planet
Veggie Planet

Veggie Planet, the beloved pizza-focused vegetarian restaurant inside Club Passim in Harvard Square, closed in late August after a 13-year run. It was "unsustainable to continue" in that location, the restaurant posted on Facebook, since the club's seating capacity was reduced in 2011 and there was no table turnover in the concert room. The team behind it, who also runs vegetarian diner Veggie Galaxy in Central Square, expressed hope that someone new would step forward to reopen the concept elsewhere while they shifted their focus solely to the Galaxy.

Now, it appears that someone is stepping forward. "We've found a former customer who is very serious about opening Veggie Planet in another location," the restaurant posted on Facebook this morning. "The big question is: where should that location be?" Share your input by heading over to their survey, which includes options like Union Square, Porter Square, Inman Square, and yes, Harvard Square.

Veggie Planet

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