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Pair Slow Food With Ghost Beers From Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery chef Andrew Gerson pops up in Somerville in collaboration with Eat Boutique's Maggie Battista for a dinner event on Friday, October 17.

The setting for a previous Brooklyn Brewery dinner.
The setting for a previous Brooklyn Brewery dinner.
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If you've ever wanted to get your hands on some rare "ghost bottles" from Brooklyn Brewery, here's your chance — and you don't even have to go to Brooklyn. The brewery's chef, Andrew Gerson, is coming to Somerville to collaborate on a pop-up "Slow Supper" with Eat Boutique's Maggie Battista, who recently completed her first cookbook, Food Gift Love (it'll be released next fall.) The event takes place at a Union Square warehouse space called The Uniun, and there will be beer pairings galore, including some very hard-to-find varieties, and other "surprises."

The night begins with Island Creek oysters and touches on a lot of fall flavors, from a scallop and apple crudo with brown butter gel to braised rabbit and rabbit liver mousse with butternut squash puree. Tickets are $69.57.