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Strip-T's 'Still Committed to Putting Out a Fantastic Product'

Paul Maslow takes to Facebook to express disappointment over "some comments on social media" that have upset him in recent weeks.

Cal Bingham for Eater

Last month, owner Paul Maslow told Boston Magazine that Strip-T's would be "transitioning into an eatery that focuses on sandwiches and salads," reverting back a bit to its simpler days and leaving sister restaurant Ribelle as the main source of innovation. The Strip-T's lunch menu is now available all day and there are a couple chalkboard specials at night, but gone are the prix-fixe tasting menus and envelope-pushing entrees that made the comfortable neighborhood spot into a dining destination in the couple years leading up to Ribelle's opening.

Some fans of the Strip-T's of the last several years are not quite thrilled with the pseudo-return to its past, as evidenced by this discussion on Chowhound. It's not clear whether it's this particular discussion that Maslow is referencing, but he posted a message on Facebook today, reading in part:

"In the past few weeks I have read some comments on social media that upset me. I want to assure our loyal customers that although we have changed our dinner concept to a more casual all day menu , we are still committed to putting out a fantastic product. We still have most of our kitchen staff, we still get most of our bread and all of our desserts from our sister restaurant Ribelle, we still buy from local farms and source the best ingredients, Tim and I are still here, our general manager Ellen is still here and Theresa is still picking our wines. We also have the same servers who take great pride in their service. We haven't changed any of our recipes. We have made the caesar salad dressing the same for 28 years. We painstakingly prepare all our food products from scratch every day. If it's not fresh and delicious we won't serve it. That will never change!"

He also indicates that the team will be "working on [the] menu" in the near future, "working hard" the make it "even better in the coming weeks." And some of Ribelle's chefs might make appearances in the kitchen, a possibility he had mentioned in last month's Boston Magazine article as well.

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