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The Grind Coffee Shop Starts Up Kickstarter Campaign

Community-minded campaign seeks funds to launch a new kind of coffee shop.

The Grind rendering
The Grind rendering
Nick Guertin, Assoc. AIA

It makes sense that a non-traditional coffee shop would seek funding through non-traditional means. The Grind, a venture between education professionals Raul Fernandez and Austin Ashe, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a new coffee shop based on a unique plan, according to an updated report in the Globe.

As stated on the campaign page, "What's different about The Grind is that we've designed it as a social business — one that puts community development before personal rewards, with 100% of our profits supporting innovative programs chosen by our community members." Fernandez and Ashe note that they almost have a location locked down near Boston University.

Furthermore, they hope that The Grind will be "a catalyst for the social business movement," ultimately leading to "a world where communities run their own bodegas, laundromats, and coffee shops, with the profits reinvested into education, workforce development, and other pro-social initiatives."

Currently the campaign has raised a little over $5,000 towards its goal of $30,000, with 21 days left to go. Backer rewards include free coffee and pastries, a mug, invitations to pre-opening events, and more.