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Night Guy Wins Big at Middlesex Lounge

In an ongoing "day guy, night guy" dilemma as the Middlesex, it looks as if Night Guy will win out, as the lounge will shift focus from lunch to live starting in 2015

Middlesex Lounge
Middlesex Lounge
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For the past ten years the Middlesex Lounge has served "lunch, lounge, and live" seven days a week. But starting in December it will focus on the last two of these, becoming strictly a lounge and club experience open only Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

The announcement was reported in the Dig and included the following notification from Middlesex managment:

Being described as a schizophrenic space doesn't have positive associations one would expect. The theme that has been most successful for us has always been the weekend dance club. Even then, some aspects of the space have been less than ideal for a busy dancing and drinking environment.

So it has been decided that in January 2015 Middlesex will be allocating all its energies to making Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights the most fun nights in Cambridge and will not be opening for regular business hours the remaining days of the week.

The last day for the current format will be December 23, after which the Middlesex will close for renovations and open up under its new format on New Year's Day.

Middlesex Lounge

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