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The New Rami's Truck Is Back Off the Road

After a couple shifts, the truck is taking a temporary break.

Rami's Food Truck
Rami's Food Truck

"After putting the Rami's Food Truck out on the road today, we realized it wasn't quite ready," the owners posted on Facebook. "We apologize in advance for any inconvenience. Please stay tuned for schedule as soon as we are ready to hit the road officially." The truck had just arrived on the road this week and worked a couple of shifts.

Hub Food Trucks made it to the truck before it came back off the road, reporting on long wait times but "nice flavor" on the shawarma and "good" schnitzel.

Rami's Food Truck offers an abbreviated version of the menu at its parent restaurant in Brookline; in fact, the truck is operated by "longtime fans" of the restaurant who got permission to launch the truck under the Rami's name. On the menu: falafel, kabobs, and more, available in combos that include various sauces, salads, and pita. Stay tuned for an a relaunch date.