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Requiem for Micro-Apartments; Cesar Pelli Tower; Columbia Road Comfort Station; More!

It's time for the weekly real estate update from Curbed Boston.

DOWNTOWN BOSTON — New renderings of the Cesar Pelli-designed office tower at the Government Center Garage mega-redevelopment reveal a very Cesar Pelli-ish design.

HUB-WIDE — Here are five transit stops, including the future Green Line on in Union Square and the Silver Line one(s) in downtown Chelsea, that are transforming the areas around them.

DORCHESTER — There is fierce competition to buy and redevelop a dilapidated old transit "comfort station" on Columbia Road despite the costs of maintaining its historical look.

BOSTON — Remember micro-apartments? Those tiny units were supposed to transform the way Boston thought about and developed its real estate. Don't hear much about them, though, anymore.

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