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Union Square Donuts Will Soon Brighten the Beginning of Your Week

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The popular Somerville shop, which recently opened in its first non-shared space, is adding some business days.

Union Square Donuts
Union Square Donuts

One of the stated benefits of moving to a dedicated space was that Union Square Donuts would be able to extend their schedule (and make lots more donuts). While the shop is currently open Thursday through Sunday, it'll add Tuesday and Wednesday beginning on December 2, according to a Facebook post. You're on your own for getting through Monday morning donut-less, but the rest of the week will soon be accounted for.

There are also some new flavors at the recently-opened space at 20 Bow Street, like the Peanut Butter Cup, stuffed full of peanut butter pastry cream and topped with chocolate fondant and chopped peanuts. And now there's always a vegan donut or two on rotation on the weekends. (Apple Cinnamon Glaze and Cinnamon Sugar have both made appearances recently.)