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BISq Launches Kickstarter Campaign in Advance of Its Opening

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The upcoming Inman Square restaurant is currently under construction and should open later this fall.

"We are looking to you guys for help making our space even better and to let us build the restaurant that we aspire to create," writes the BISq team on their just-launched Kickstarter campaign. The Bergamot sibling is under construction at 1071 Cambridge Street in Inman Square, and it'll serve New American food with a focus on small plates and chef Dan Bazzinotti's charcuterie. (On the beverage side, wine director Kai Gagnon previously revealed a lot of details about what to expect.)

While the restaurant will open as planned without the Kickstarter money, a successful campaign ($15,000) will allow certain improvements, like some fancier equipment, that will contribute to a better overall result. Donors will be able to get rewards like the chance to help design a dessert trifle; three pounds of whiskey-soaked, cheese-stuffed bratwurst; wine-choosing guidance or a sabrage class from Gagnon; cooking lessons; and more. Because Kickstarter is all-or-nothing, the goal must be reached in the next 29 days.