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Millennium Tower Residents Will Get to Eat Michael Mina's Food

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The James Beard Award-winning, Michelin-starred chef will head up the private dining program at the upcoming Downtown Crossing development.

Michael Mina
Michael Mina

Millennium Tower, the ritzy condo high-rise in the works for Downtown Crossing, will feature food by Michael Mina, a Michelin-starred chef who has restaurants around the country and numerous accolades, including a James Beard, to his name. But unless you're a resident of the tower or a guest of someone who is, don't get your hopes up about tasting the food.

It'll just be available in the "private bar and club room," according to the Globe, which adds that "although a public restaurant may also open on the property, Mina is committed only to providing the private dining service for condo owners." The Herald describes Mina's Millennium private dining menu as the "'greatest hits' from all of his restaurants."