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Hook & Co. Look to Develop Tower on Waterfront

One of the last sites available for development on the waterfront could become home to a seafood restaurant and a 22-story tower.

James Hook & Co. retail shop
James Hook & Co. retail shop

In Boston, it seems years since the word "waterfront" appeared in a sentence without the word "development" somewhere nearby. But in a move that could signal a turning point along the waterfront, James Hook & Co. is now looking to develop a 22-story glass tower on the site the Hook family has occupied since 1925.

As reported in today’s Globe, the move "would fill in one of the last development sites on the downtown waterfront." Because current zoning limits buildings along the harbor to 55 feet, the project is currently before a city panel. If zoning changes are approved, the result could be a 9,000-square-foot Hook seafood restaurant overlooking the waterfront, with either condominiums or apartments in the upper floors.

James Hook & Co. is a third generation family-owned business, managed by four siblings.