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Hot Eastern Adds Serious Heat Option to Chinatown

Small counter-only shop strongly advises that you start out with mild and go from there.

Hot Eastern, the recently-opened counter-only spot in the "cell phone sushi" food court in Chinatown, has gotten its first few reviews online, and so far it seems to be a welcome addition for those looking for, well, hot Eastern food. The menu, which can be viewed on Hot Eastern's Facebook page, is made up entirely of mala skewers and mala bang, both quite hot.

As one reviewer on Chowhound described the experience, "When you order they will ask you how spicy you would like it prepared. I consider myself pretty capable of eating spicy stuff so I ordered medium but was strongly counseled to try mild for my first visit. We settled on in between mild and medium and it was pretty intense."

Hot Eastern
42 Beach Street, Boston, MA 02111
(617) 717-9866