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The Cocktail Week 2014 Recap

Eater's third annual Cocktail Week has come and gone. Here's everything that happened.

Last week, Eater Boston and the rest of the Eater universe celebrated Cocktail Week, obsessing over the cocktail world all week long with interviews, maps, and more. (Of course, that doesn't mean that cocktails don't matter the rest of the year, so be sure to hit up the tipline if you ever want to tell us about cocktail people and places that we should be covering.)

Here's what happened on Eater Boston this week:

Interviews (view them all here): Jackson Cannon spoke about the future of the industry, Marc Hurwitz of Boston's Hidden Restaurants revealed some of his favorites dive bars in the outer reaches of the Boston area, Beacon Hill Bistro's Joe McHale discussed the art of naming cocktails, and BOND's Eddie McGuire reflected on 32 years behind the bar.

Maps (view them all here): Find out the hottest new spots to drink these days, where to get coffee and tea-infused cocktails, where to find hot and spicy drinks, and lots more.

Q&As with Bartenders (view them all here): More than 50 local bar managers, bartenders, and others involved in the beverage industry answered a number of survey questions, ranging from bar theft and bad customer habits to cocktail mentors and good customer habits. Don't miss the giant collection of their tips for people looking to build up their home bars. There are also some cocktail pairing suggestions for late-night pizzacarnival food, and more.

Dive Bar Power Hour (view it all here): We spent an hour focusing solely on dive bars, from a working definition to a narrative and photo gallery chronicling a night at Anchovies in the South End.

On Hangovers: Prevent hangovers by getting drunk properly in the first place thanks to some advice from the late Sir Kingsley Amis, or consult these hangover cures from Boston bartenders. Or just stick with mocktails; here are some creative ones.

Miscellaneous: Here's what TRADE looks like at 5 p.m. on a Thursday night. Here are the special drinks (riffs on the first drinks bartenders tasted or learned to make) and desserts (cocktail-inspired) that bars and restaurants offered for Cocktail Week. There was a poll to determine the hottest cocktail neighborhood in the Boston area; Somerville's Union Square won. And sister site Curbed Ski joined in the fun with ski country cocktail destinations and ski country dive bars, including a lot of New England options.

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