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Cocktail Week 2014 Is Now Over

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Thank you for joining us for this week of cocktail obsession.

Cocktail Week ends right now, and we hope you have discovered some new cocktails, bars, and bartenders to check out (maybe this weekend!) First order of business — it's time to announce the winner of the Cocktail Week poll to determine the hottest cocktail neighborhood in the Boston area.

Drum roll, please...

The winner is Somerville's Union Squaretaking 54% of the vote to defeat the also-quite-hot Fort Point. Union Square is home to Backbar, beloved by many in the industry, as well as Bronwyn (focused on beer but still offering a solid cocktail program), the new Brass Union (which has some fun and interesting options), the ultra-romantic Casa B, and more. And Sarma and Highland Kitchen aren't too far away either. [Note: Due to a technical glitch, the poll did not close when it was supposed to, hence the different numbers that appear on that page now, but Union Square had 54% of the vote at the stated closing time.]

We'll be back on Monday with a detailed recap of the week, but for now, nurse those hangovers, rally, and do some cocktail exploring this weekend.