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Boston Bartenders Share Their Trusty Hangover Cures

Since Cocktail Week is almost over and you've hopefully been drinking a lot of cocktails throughout the week, here's how to nurse that hangover.

Patrick Gaggiano"Honestly? Two beers and a cold shower. One of those beers preferably in the shower. And Underberg is surprisingly amazing at helping hangovers. It’s the coconut water of the booze world." —Patrick Gaggiano, bar manager at Viale

Brittany Casos"Hair of the dog...bubbles or beer." -Brittany Casos, beverage director at Coppa

Brooke Vandecar"Lots of water, coconut water, and a good sweat session outside or in the gym." —Brooke Vandecar, beverage director at Rosa Mexicano

Greg Neises"Michelada: essentially a beer based bloody maria concoction." —Greg Neises, bartender at Tico

Patrick Sullivan"Two Budweisers in rapid succession." —Patrick Sullivan, executive director of bar operations for the Legal Sea Foods brands

Paulo Pereira"I like to keep it simple; lots of water, some headache medicine, and maybe a shot of tequila later on in the day." —Paulo Pereira, beverage director at Brass Union

Nick Giannotti"Miller High Life and a shot of Green Chartreuse." —Nick Giannotti, bar manager of The Tip Tap Room

Rob Haberek"Bitters and sparkling wine. Works every time!" —Rob Haberek, bartender at Forum

Ky Nguyen

"I’m a certified yoga instructor and sometimes teach free classes for the Boston Rescue Mission. Bikram Yoga is my hangover cure. It’s hot and you sweat a lot. Helps you detox." —Ky Nguyen, owner of SA PA

Katie Mae Dell Isola"A spicy Bloody Mary loaded with bacon!" —Katie Mae Dell Isola, bar manager at Haru

Dan Greenough"Gatorade. Or a strong Bloody Mary." —Dan Greenough, food & beverage manager of all Burtons Grill locations

Kevin Murphy"You get hangovers? I gave those up in college." —Kevin Murphy, operations manager of Deuxave

Ryan Lotz"Sleep. And once I can pry myself away from that: ginger ale and greasy breakfast food." —Ryan Lotz, bar manager at No. 9 Park

Vikram Hegde"Complaining and promising to "never drink again" usually works pretty well, in conjunction with a filthy bacon egg and cheese sandwich." —Vikram Hegde, bartender at Sarma

Jake Kress"Advil, iced coffee, banana, Gatorade/water that order." —Jake Kress, bar manager at Grill 23 & Bar

Michael Cottens"I find the best hangover cure is probably sweating it out — going for a run or getting into the steam room at the gym — but I much prefer a good Bloody Mary." —Michael Cottens, bartender at The Merchant

Moira Toomey"Breakfast sandwich — bacon, egg, and cheese — from Sidewalk Café in South Boston." —Moira Toomey, bartender at Gather

Sal Gesamondo"It all starts the night before — a big glass of whole milk and Aspirin. Other than that, sleep, adapt, and overcome." —Sal Gesamondo, operations manager of Tavern in the Square

Giulio Favuzza"Bitters and soda." —Giulio Favuzza, beverage manager of Red Heat Tavern

Lauren Hayes

"Boxing! Only way to get it out is to sweat it out. If working out is too much, there’s always the greasy breakfast and a beer cocktail, preferably with sherry, vermouth, some citrus, and bitters. Something about shandies makes the pain go away." —Lauren Hayes, head bartender at Ten Tables in Jamaica Plain

Ryan McGrale"Shot of whiskey." —Ryan McGrale, beverage director at Tavern Road

Molly Woodhouse"A classic champagne cocktail always does the trick." —Molly Woodhouse, general manager and beverage director of Vida Cantina in Portsmouth (and an alum of The Butcher Shop and Menton)

Ian Nal"I prefer prevention. Two glasses of water before bed." —Ian Nal, general manager and beverage director of Fish Restaurant & Wine Bar in Marlborough

Jenna Pollock"Normally a greasy slice of pizza." —Jenna Pollock, bar director at Nebo

Augusto Lino"I sound like a nerd but if you can manage to get out of bed: light exercise, then a nap. And water." —Augusto Lino, bartender at Hungry Mother

Brian Mantz"Brachetto d'Acqui — a sweeter, lighter-style, lightly carbonated Italian red dessert wine that was possibly invented to be enjoyed for breakfast. That and a whole pot of coffee." —Brian Mantz, bar manager at Wink & Nod

Colin Kiley"Bananas, a can of Pringles (any flavor will do), and...okay, okay...maybe a beer. I'm a slow learner ;)" —Colin Kiley, bartender at Puritan & Company

Libby Spencer"Sleep." —Libby Spencer, bar manager at Deep Ellum

Tom Tellier"Diet Coke on the rocks along with an Egg McMuffin and hash browns." —Tom Tellier, beverage director for Restaurant dante and both locations of il Casale

Tyler Wolters"The first thing I do when I am really hungover is try to find my phone. If I can find my phone, that makes me feel a little better. Then I check my texts and social media, and if there is nothing horribly wrong there, then I am halfway cured." —Tyler Wolters, bartender at Firebrand Saints and Brick & Mortar

Gretchen Thomas"Water, Aleve, an extra hour of sleep, and a big plate of scrambled eggs!" —Gretchen Thomas, wine and spirits director at Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant

Emmet Kelty"I wish I had some crazy, witty hangover cure, but I gotta tell ya, sleep and water are amazing. Especially sleep." —Emmet Kelty, lead bartender at 51 Lincoln

Todd Lipman"Advice for prevention: Drinking Carpano Antica Formula on the rocks when everyone else is asking for Fernet at last call. However, if that fails, pizza of the meat-oriented variety with a combination of Red Bull and orange juice to wash it down." —Todd Lipman, head sommelier at Bistro du Midi

Davide Crusoe"A michelada is a Mexican cerveza prepared with beer, lime juice, and assorted sauces, spices, and peppers. It is served in a chilled, salt-rimmed glass." —Davide Crusoe, general manager at Chopps in Burlington

Christine Kerow"Don’t drink too much, and you won’t have one! But in case you did, take some vitamin C before going to bed along with a big glass of water." —Christine Gerow, director of restaurant & bar at the Westin Waltham-Boston's Seventy at Third Avenue

Sam Treadway"Sleep, water, Advil...repeat." —Sam Treadway, bar manager at Backbar

Seth Freidus"A beer and a sandwich." —Seth Freidus, beverage director at Alden & Harlow

Gina Richard"Fried food, usually." —Gina Richard, head bartender at Island Creek Oyster Bar

Will Isaza"Fried foods and lack of sleep." —Will Isaza, bartender at Fairsted Kitchen

Sean Woods"A double shot of Bacardi white rum. That was handed down. I don’t fuck around with a hangover and cute bullshit. If I’m hungover, I’ll wake up, pour a double shot, and shoot it. I’m not going to wait around for someone to meet up with for Bloody Marys. I’d much rather feel better 10 minutes after I wake up than an hour later when everyone finally gets together for brunch." —Sean Woods, bar manager at Ribelle

Ian Strickland"Bacon cheeseburger, definite go-to. That and a High Life!" —Ian Strickland, head bartender at Rosebud American Kitchen & Bar

Katie Emmerson"Root beer and a hot dog." —Katie Emmerson, bar manager at The Hawthorne

Ezra Star"An Italian Greyhound (salt, grapefruit, Punt e Mes, ice)." —Ezra Star, general manager at Drink

Paul Manzelli"Sleep." —Paul Manzelli, bartender at Bergamot

Jared Sadoian"My couch at home, Franz Liszt on Pandora and a large Gatorade." —Jared Sadoian, head bartender and beverage director of Craigie on Main and The Kirkland Tap & Trotter

Evan Kelly"Bitters and soda and cold pizza." —Evan Kenney, head bartender at West Side Lounge

Tenzin Samdo"Momo soup (Tibetan dumpling soup)." —Tenzin Konchok Samdo, head barman at TRADE

Jonathan Mendez"Montecristo sandwich from The Breakfast Club in Allston." —Jonathan Mendez, beverage director and bartender at TRADE

"A shot of apple cider vinegar and a pint of water before bed, coconut oil pulling in the a.m., a long shower, and vigorous...exercise." —Tyler Wang, bartender at Audubon

"Lots of water and whatever you were drinking the night before!" —Taso Papatsoris, bartender at Casa B

"Ice cold blue Gatorade." —Tom Dargon, assistant general manager of BOKX 109

"A classic Daiquiri." —Ashish Mitra, bar manager at Russell House Tavern

"Spicy Bloody Mary and a Diet Coke." —Erica Petersiel, general manager at No. 8 Kitchen & Spirits

"My favorite hangover cure is confit duck or pulled pork hash accompanied with a mimosa, followed by a nap and ideally some football on the television." —Rob Dunn, bar manager at Lineage