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Cocktail Pairings for a Bag Full of Halloween Candy

For Cocktail Week, we asked area bartenders what cocktail they'd pair with five different dishes. Up last: A Bag Full of Halloween Candy.

Brittany Casos"Johnny Jump-Up (Jameson and hard cider)." —Brittany Casos, beverage director at Coppa

Greg Neises"Jack O’ Lantern (personal recipe from a few of our own)." —Greg Neises, bartender at Tico

Paulo Pereira"Maybe the Fluff cocktail ("Seriously Fluffed") I came up with for this year’s Fluff Fest in Union Square. That much candy is just begging for some Fluff." —Paulo Pereira, beverage director at Brass Union

Katie Mae Dell Isola"White Russian." —Katie Mae Dell Isola, bar manager at Haru

Dan Greenough"Old Fashioned." —Dan Greenough, food & beverage manager of all Burtons Grill locations

Ryan Lotz"Rye Old Fashioned. With all that (artificial) flavor, something nice and simple." —Ryan Lotz, bar manager at No. 9 Park

Jake Kress"Negroni." —Jake Kress, bar manager at Grill 23 & Bar

Giulio Favuzza"Espresso martini." —Giulio Favuzza, beverage manager of Red Heat Tavern

Lauren Hayes

"A Sazerac. But not a well-made one, one with cheap cognac and sugar that hasn’t completely dissolved." —Lauren Hayes, head bartender at Ten Tables in Jamaica Plain

Ryan McGrale"Manhattan." —Ryan McGrale, beverage director at Tavern Road

Molly Woodhouse"Hot buttered rum." —Molly Woodhouse, general manager and beverage director of Vida Cantina in Portsmouth (and an alum of The Butcher Shop and Menton)

Ian Nal"An espresso martini: Patron XO Café, Torres Orange Liqueur, shot of espresso, chocolate bitters." —Ian Nal, general manager and beverage director of Fish Restaurant & Wine Bar in Marlborough

Jenna Pollock"An espresso martini made with Cariel Vanilla Vodka." —Jenna Pollock, bar director at Nebo

Colin Kiley"For whatever reason, the only thing I think I'd want would be a Sentimental Gentleman from Brick & Mortar: Scotch, Benedictine, Walnut liqueur. Everything a growing boy needs before bedtime on a school night." —Colin Kiley, bartender at Puritan & Company

Christine Kerow"Negroni." —Christine Gerow, director of restaurant & bar at the Westin Waltham-Boston's Seventy at Third Avenue

Sam Treadway"Butter beer." —Sam Treadway, bar manager at Backbar

Will Isaza"Pimm’s Cup." —Will Isaza, bartender at Fairsted Kitchen

Katie Emmerson"Anything!!! Although something nice and tart like a Corpse Reviver #2 would go nicely with the sugar." —Katie Emmerson, bar manager at The Hawthorne

Ezra Star"Apple brandy and cinnamon Old Fashioned. No poisoned apples, just sweet delicious cocktail." —Ezra Star, general manager at Drink

Paul Manzelli"Campari and soda." —Paul Manzelli, bartender at Bergamot

Michael Florence"Eeyore’s Requiem." — Michael Florence, bar manager at Ole

"Halloween candy with a White Russian. I am a chocolate lover and need a little cream to wash it down. The vodka and kahlua make it an adult-friendly dessert beverage." —Rob Dunn, bar manager at Lineage

"Blantons Old Fashioned." —Erica Petersiel, general manager at No. 8 Kitchen & Spirits

"Hot toddy." —Tom Dargon, assistant general manager of BOKX 109