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Mother Juice Will Get Back on the Road in the Spring

The new brick-and-mortar shop is introducing a few new menu items for the season.

Mother Juice
Mother Juice
Katie Chudy

Mother Juice, which began life as a food truck and recently opened its first shop in Kendall Square, has announced that it will be both expanding its menu and also returning to the road this coming spring.

Founded in 2012 by Ellen Fitzgerald and Laura Baldini, Mother Juice specializes in cold-ressed juices and raw vegan snacks, with a focus on seasonal and organic products, and offers catering as well as packaged multi-day juice cleanses. The recent expansion of its menu will now include new items such as young Thai coconuts cracked to order, forbidden rice, energy bites, and cold-brewed coffee with almond milk ice cubes. Keep an eye out for the revamped truck to reappear next year.