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MAST' Opens This Weekend, and Here's What It Looks Like

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The soon-to-open restaurant will bring Neapolitan-inspired foods, scotch lockers, and more to Downtown Crossing.

MAST', a restaurant whose name references a slang Neapolitan term that means "maestro" or "master of one's craft," will start firing brick-oven pizzas and more this weekend; Saturday, October 25 is the target opening date for the public. Located at 45 Province Street in Downtown Crossing, the two-story restaurant, which was built from scratch, has a bar on each floor and enough room for nearly 200 people. The first thing of notice upon entering the massive entryway is the custom-built chandelier that stands tall with lightbulbs that hang down. Gazing up the stairs, diners will see a giant copper wood-burning oven, straight from Naples. Surrounding it, bar seats allow diners to get a front-row view.

Past the pizza oven, there's a bar that runs along the wall. Cherry red leather chairs surround it, as do a couple of hightop bar tables. The ceiling is impressive with copper detailing; it gives the restaurant a polished look. The walls are a deep, dark, and glossy brick. On the other side of the room and away from the bar, red leather banquettes line the walls, and tables are already set and ready to go. A spacious floor-to-ceiling window lines one of the walls, revealing outdoor seating for warmer months and views of a bustling Downtown Crossing on the other side.

Heading downstairs, one can take either the elevator down or pause to admire the entryway chandelier again and walk down stairs. On the lower level, two large circular mirrors are lit up. Downstairs has a much more lounge-y feel, complete with leather sofas. While this part of the restaurant is technically underground, it doesn't feel that way because small rectangular windows allow light to shine through. A row of more tables sits to the back of the room, and opposite that, another bar. To the right of the bar, rows of lockers are illuminated in blue. These are intended for people to buy bottles of liquor from the restaurant and then store them in the lockers for them to enjoy every time they come in.

The lights that hang from the ceiling are industrial, and the wall behind the tables is painted a unique shade of red that takes on different colors depending on what angle you look at it.


45 Province St, Boston, MA 02108 (617) 936-3800 Visit Website