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Former Blue Inc. Space Set to Launch Comeback

Plans for a new concept start with changing the name to Broad Street Riot.

Former Blue Inc. interior
Former Blue Inc. interior
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Earlier in the month, news emerged that Blue Inc. would be closing temporarily, and after a reshuffle in ownership, it would look to reopen under a new name and with an entirely new concept.

It looks as if at least the name portion of that reopening is in place. Tomorrow, the restaurant will apply to the licensing board for a change of name to Broad Street Riot, according to an article on the Boston Hospitality and Tourism Industry Blog. No word yet on exactly what the new concept will be, but with the name that includes the word Riot, one can take a pretty good guess.

UPDATE: The name is "somewhat of a coincidence," a lawyer tells the Licensing Commission, insisting that it's not really related to the historical Broad Street Riot. But the food will have a "riotous Southern twist."

Blue Inc.

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