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Cocktail Pairings for the Spiciest Curry Dish Ever

For Cocktail Week, we asked area bartenders what cocktail they'd pair with five different dishes. Up first: The Spiciest Curry Dish Ever.

Brittany Casos"Planter's Punch. The sweetness of the juice will counteract the heat." —Brittany Casos, beverage director at Coppa

Greg Neises"Aviator." —Greg Neises, bartender at Tico

Katie Mae Dell Isola"A gin & cucumber drink. Very refreshing." —Katie Mae Dell Isola, bar manager at Haru

Dan Greenough"French 75." —Dan Greenough, food & beverage manager of all Burtons Grill locations

Kevin Murphy"Margarita." —Kevin Murphy, operations manager of Deuxave

Ryan Lotz"Ti punch!" —Ryan Lotz, bar manager at No. 9 Park

Vikram Hegde"Piña Colada! Sweet, cold and creamy to counter the spice. Also, Piña Coladas are just plain awesome!" —Vikram Hegde, bartender at Sarma

Kaitlena Cash"Vodka soda." —Kaitlena Cash, bartender at Anthem Kitchen + Bar

Giulio Favuzza"Something simple like a vodka on the rocks or a martini — which wouldn't interfere with the flavors of the curry." —Giulio Favuzza, beverage manager of Red Heat Tavern

Lauren Hayes

"A Sidecar with a sugar rim." —Lauren Hayes, head bartender at Ten Tables in Jamaica Plain

Molly Woodhouse"Vida Cantina’s mango daiquiri." —Molly Woodhouse, general manager and beverage director of Vida Cantina in Portsmouth (and an alum of The Butcher Shop and Menton)

Ian Nal"A frozen margarita made with well tequila and an inexpensive sour mix. Save the good stuff for when you can actually taste it." —Ian Nal, general manager and beverage director of Fish Restaurant & Wine Bar in Marlborough

Jenna Pollock"A Painkiller." —Jenna Pollock, bar director at Nebo

Augusto Lino"Aperol Spritz." —Augusto Lino, bartender at Hungry Mother

Brian Mantz"Painkiller." —Brian Mantz, bar manager at Wink & Nod

Colin Kiley"Cocchi Americano and soda with a dash or two of Angostura. Sweetness in the Cocchi cuts the heat of the curry, and the clove cinnamon notes of the bitters are reflective with the warm spice notes of those dishes." —Colin Kiley, bartender at Puritan & Company

Todd Lipman"My ‘Cucumber Sureau’ — Cucumber vodka, lemon, lime, St Germain, salt, and soda." —Todd Lipman, head sommelier at Bistro du Midi

Christine Kerow"Coconut milk-based vodka drink. This will mellow out the spice." —Christine Gerow, director of restaurant & bar at the Westin Waltham-Boston's Seventy at Third Avenue

Sam Treadway"Thai Vice — Pina colada mixed with a spicy lemongrass daiquiri." —Sam Treadway, bar manager at Backbar

Seth Freidus"Painkiller." —Seth Freidus, beverage director at Alden & Harlow

Will Isaza"An Old Monk Rum daiquiri." —Will Isaza, bartender at Fairsted Kitchen

Sean Woods"A Mai Tai or Scorpion Bowl. It’s gotta have enough booze to get you where you need to go, enough citrus to play with the food, and enough sugar to put out the heat. It’s nice before, during, and after your spicy food." —Sean Woods, bar manager at Ribelle

Naomi Levy"Gin Gimlet. Gin goes really well with Southeast Asian flavors. But if you need something to cool down the burn, try a Painkiller." —Naomi Levy, bar manager at Eastern Standard

Katie Emmerson"Something with cucumber to cool things down, maybe our Ivy Chain." —Katie Emmerson, bar manager at The Hawthorne

Ezra Star"I think a very smooth bourbon Manhattan would be the perfect pairing. It would smooth out the spice and add some cooling sweetness." —Ezra Star, general manager at Drink

Paul Manzelli"Campari and soda." —Paul Manzelli, bartender at Bergamot

Jonathan Mendez"Mezcal Paloma. Spicy and smokey are the definition of my wheelhouse." —Jonathan Mendez, beverage director and bartender at TRADE

Jake Kress"White Russian. The milk will help put out the flames and the vodka will get you buzzed to be bold again and go for a second bite!" —Jake Kress, bar Manager at Grill 23 & Bar

MIchael Florence"Aslan's Reviver!" — Michael Florence, bar manager at Ole

"Ty Ku Electric Lemonade." —Tom Dargon, assistant general manager of BOKX 109

"French 75 or Death in the Afternoon." —Ashish Mitra, bar manager at Russell House Tavern

"We just finished a pomegranate and candied ginger infused vodka. That with soda water." —Erica Petersiel, general manager at No. 8 Kitchen & Spirits

"Milk punch." —Ryan McGrale, beverage director at Tavern Road

"Manhattan." —Taso Papatsoris, bartender at Casa B

"Bols makes a yogurt liqueur. I don't know how or why, but I'm sure I'd use that...and cumin." —Tyler Wang, bartender at Audubon